Quality Environment

The Environmental Policy of the company

RGP CZ Ltd. declares its own “Environmental politics” as a part of its basic strategy iin business.

  1. The fundamental priorities of our company include permanent improvement in all spheres of activities connected with the environmental protection.
  2. By strict adherence to environmental rules and regulations in all aspects of production, we create conditions for improvement and prevention against pollution.
  3. We pay great attention to the elimination of negative impacts of processes and products towards the environmental as well asto the labour protection and health condition of all employees.
  4. We prefer the contract partners who follow the same principles regarding the environmental protection and environmental management. 

In order to support the above stated environmental policy the company management is obliged to act as follows:

  • to specify the environmental policy into the measurable and valueable environmental aims
  • to follow the fulfilment of the stated environmental aims and in case of difficulties to accept the remedy steps
  • to set new environmental aims on the basis of the evaluation of results
  • to ensure the requirements, set plans, necessary human and financial sources in order to comply with the approved environmental aims
  • to pay permanent attention to the problems regarding to the max. usage of raw material, energies, decrease of rejects and usage of scrap
  • to regularly inform the employees, public and contract partners with the achieved results

The management expects from the employees:

  • the acceptance of principles of the environmental policy
  • the active participation on the maintenance and improvements of the management environmental system 

Nachod, May 2, 2013

Rodokalis Rodokalakis, Managing Director